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3/4/08 01:21 pm - He missed his saving throw....

...the only question is: when?

Gary Gygax, who co-created the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons and helped start the role-playing phenomenon, died Tuesday morning at his home in Lake Geneva. He was 69.

He had been suffering from health problems for several years, including an abdominal aneurysm, said his wife, Gail Gygax.

Gygax and Dave Arneson developed Dungeons & Dragons in 1974 using medieval characters and mythical creatures. The game known for its oddly shaped dice became a hit, particularly among teenage boys, and eventually was turned into video games, books and movies.

Gygax always enjoyed hearing from the game's legion of devoted fans, many of whom would stop by the family's home in Lake Geneva, about 55 miles southwest of Milwaukee, his wife said. Despite his declining health, he hosted weekly games of Dungeons & Dragons as recently as January, she said.

"It really meant a lot to him to hear from people from over the years about how he helped them become a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman, what he gave them," Gail Gygax said. "He really enjoyed that."

Dungeons & Dragons players create fictional characters and carry out their adventures with the help of complicated rules. The quintessential geek pastime, it spawned a wealth of copycat games and later inspired a whole genre of computer games that's still growing in popularity.

Born Ernest Gary Gygax, he grew up in Chicago and moved to Lake Geneva at the age of 8. Gygax's father, a Swiss immigrant who played violin in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, read fantasy books to his only son and hooked him on the genre, Gail Gygax said.

Gygax dropped out of high school but took anthropology classes at the University of Chicago for a while, she said. He was working as an insurance underwriter in the 1960s, when he began playing war-themed board games.

But Gygax wanted to create a game that involved more fantasy. To free up time to work on that, he left the insurance business and became a shoe repairman, she said.

Gygax also was a prolific writer and wrote dozens of fantasy books, including the Greyhawk series of adventure novels.

Gary Sandelin, 32, a Manhattan attorney, said his weekly Dungeons & Dragons game will be a bit sadder on Wednesday night because of Gygax's passing. The beauty of the game is that it's never quite the same, he said.

Funeral arrangements are pending. Besides his wife, Gygax is survived by six children.

2/19/08 10:25 am - What? I'm supposed to say something?

Oooh I bet some folks out there in the inter-web might wonder what's on his mind. Why did he post that nasty picture with such a rude headline? Is he OK? Is he trying to reach out? Is he...

... no, I'm just bored at work and didnt have anything poignant to write, so I found a picture that expressed silence.

In your face, pseudo-psychologists!

2/11/08 09:40 pm - holy crap

my livejournal is full of stupid drama.

i have no "interior monologue." you just have to find the right website to know all my shit.

i am almost ashamed of this rain of crap that i see on this page. except that it is rather honest, and i do appreciate honesty. so it has its merits. that being said:

i disappoint myself with my own predictability.

Hey since I havn't updated in a year or so: I bought a fucking house. Victorian. West Oakland. It is beautiful. I built a deck outside, and am building a band room in the basement.

Oh yeah, and everyone at work thinks I rule. And you know what, theyre probably right. I'm damn good at what I do.

Housewarming party soon. Drama Queens will be publicly flogged.

I'm off to play Nobunaga's Ambition: Rise to Power

2/9/07 08:03 am - RTK 11

The rain is coming down thick enough for me to hear each car pass. Outside in the backyard my motorcycle awaits attention. Inside on the computer I await the arrival of my video game.

Anna Nicole Smith is dead. It's all over the news. So what.

I want breakfast. I'm craving egg sandwiches. That either means I go shopping, go to McDonalds, or go to Temescal. I'm thinking Temescal. And then the bar. Maybe the graveyard afterward. Take a walk in the rain.

Too bad my bike isnt working. I'd ride it today.

11/22/06 10:44 am

I resolve to let those around me that I appreciate know it. Even if it makes them uncomfortable. Let that be their choice.

This decision comes as a result of me passing up opportunity to do this recently with a friend of mine. I told myself it wouldnt have been appropriate. I told myself I didnt want to ruin the evening. I told myself we've already talked about it. No need to go back there.

I was probably right. It probably would have been unnecessarily awkward, and made her feel worse.

It still sucked.

She's fine. It wasn't even a big deal. Funny. Her bad night ended up irritating me more than it irritated her.

/chokes on his own pride

11/9/06 08:42 am

I had an odd dream last night. I was riding my bike, the bike I have right now. I started off just riding to work. The tires were the new tires I just got a few weeks ago. The day was normal. The only thing that was different was that I was riding with someone. I have no idea who it was.

I kept riding, for miles, days maybe. I have no idea. All I know is I stopped somewhere that was particularly pretty. It was raining slightly, but it wasn't cold. I looked down and my tires were worn. This person was with me. We just sat and chilled. Enjoyed life. I was about to find out who it was when I woke up.


If you're sending your baby to a shrink, maybe you should see one too. Better yet, stop reproducing. You're too stupid to breed.

WTF is a shrink going to do for someone who cant talk or relay complex imagery, perform a mind meld? Dr Spock. Mr Spock. Whatever! Can you hear the North Jersey accent in that statement? I'm thinking it...

11/3/06 10:52 am


Yes, that deserved all caps. 3 disasters fixed in under 10 minutes, total. Including a major one that could have had us hung up for another month.

I'm going to see movie-film today. Make for benefit of glorious Kazakhstan. Dunno what else I will do. Probably get drunk. You know, getting drunk all the time is like being sober all the time... routine. Isn't the entire point of getting fucked up to feel different than you normally do, and not just kill time?

Too many people get the wrong idea here... probably because its easy and low-risk. If you dont propose ideas people might not like, you dont have to deal with people whining about what they didn't want to do.

I need new pants. My "new" pair I bought in July are too big now. This is a good thing. Although its wierd because my body sometimes looks disproportionate as it adjusts to smaller and smaller... ehh.. measurements.

I'm in a low key depressive state right now. It kinda blows. I feel more uncomfortable around people than usual, a bit detached. It's not overbearing like it was over summer, but its still there. I noticed it was coming... last week I was feeling anxious for no reason. That's a sign.

So... ehh.... sorry if I act a little wierd. Imma still be getting myself out, and probably force myself out sometimes. If it feels contrived, it just might be... a little bit. I just refuse to let this shit bring me down right now. Things are actually going very well, and look to be on the upswing.

Being bipolar blows. When you are on the ball, you think nothing can shake you and you act without thinking, sometimes to your own detriment. When you are off, you tend to hear the same disencouraging thoughts over and over again, making it harder to do even the most ordinary things. It's shitty cause the folks you are around can't hear whats going on in your head, so they cant check it by offering encouragement. All they know is that youre acting wierd.... and sometimes it wierds them out.

Damn self defeating bullshit. Argh!

.... no I will not take medication for it. I have. I make stupid decisions on it like "oh, I cant pay rent this month because I'm taking too much time off, but I feel Okay with that..." ... nothanks. I'd rather just the people around me understand that sometimes things happen with me for no good reason at all. Pills are stupid.

Im okay. Even if I dont feel that way at the moment. Really, nothing is wrong... its just me being retarded. :-)

Some of you might be tempted to offer some psychoanalytical bullshit. Don't. It will only piss me off.

There's nothing I hate more than false intellect.


10/29/06 02:30 pm

ive despised myself for far too long
it almost has become a pleasure
but thats the way that living goes
when you are something God forgot to mention

its not something to talk about
the subject should be something better
how about we take a walk
and talk about the lack of weather?

guardian angels drawing straws
assigning them all to their jobs
mine was the lucky one
it looks like she got the day off

hello self pity, how are you?
it's good to see someone familiar
ive got reservations for two
let's sit a while and share some dinner

10/25/06 07:41 am

This owns.

Oakland PD does not. I got ticketed last night for being parked in a "red zone." Motherfucking pig had pulled over someone parked in the bus stop, and decided to nab me too. What he didnt do was actually look at the curb. Where I was parked was a yellow "loading zone." Hence my flashing lights and 2 minute trip to the ATM were totally legal. He made it a 'parking citation' instead of a ticket though, so I cant fight it in court.

The only thing I was able to do was be a smartass. So I replaced every "I" in my sentences with "Oink."

When he called me on it I said that I had drank alot of milk, and there was spit stuck in my throat.


Things that amused me today:

Falling asleep in our department meeting.

Watching the roadblocks for the railroad go down at Oak St, only to have all the cars circling around the roadblocks while the train waited.

Gotta love Oakland.

It's better to write about things that amuse me, rather than things that depress me. I'm supposed to be happy all the time, right? Yeah...

10/24/06 07:50 am

Next week I will be riding to work in the sun again. Disappointing. I enjoy the dark hours of the morning. Nobody is around, its just me and the various sounds of the world waking up. It's cool just to listen to it sometimes, before the world kicks off into full gear. For a few minutes its like the world is a totally different place. You can feel the transition happening from night to day, but it hasnt happened yet.

Joe went all crazy last night. Apparently my character is an 'asshole' who refuses to play with the team. Sheesh, take a game seriously much? I'm an entertainer who got too drunk and ended up peeing on a temple, and subsequently getting cursed by the gods and turning blue. So blue that everyone immediately runs in fear when they see me. I however do not remember why Im blue, just that I am, and it happened after I met this group. Not exactly a situation which warrants team play.

Besides, Ive known these people for 5 days.... the first of which one of them was ordered to kill me, and then started rifling through my belongings at knifepoint. Excuse me for being a little suspicious. No I dont think I will be holding hands anytime soon.


I miss AC2. I've been playing Ultima Online again lately, but on a free server instead of the public mess that currently exists. It would be cool, if the staff would quit reconstructing the fragging world and forgetting to put in things to fight. Nothing's worse than wandering around for an hour and seeing... nothing.ARGH! A new MMO to play would be loads of fun. Darkfall Online looks interesting... if it ever gets out of vaporware. I have my doubts.

I'm treating my body like shit lately. For the past week or two I've eaten nothing but trash. I ate the equivalent of a whole pizza through the course of yesterday. I am not feeling good today. I need to treat myself better. Hell, I just need to do different stuff from what I've been doing. Getting drunk and partying all the time has its downsides. What happened to just hanging out, and doing stuff? When did booze and substances become an integral part of the equation.

.... no I'm not going to swear off alcohol anytime soon. This is about perspectives, not prohibition.

Guess who Lori gave free beer to yesterday.

If you guessed me, youre right! That makes twice. She gives freebies to nobody.

No, she doesnt have a crush on me. I just f'in rule and thats all there is to it.

I have the Decemberists stuck in my head. I dont know the song. I dont know the words. The melody is just repeating itself over and over again in my head. 2nd song from their encore. The one where the stage was bathed in blue for a while, and only 3 instrumentalists were playing...

I've been posting in this journal entirely too much.


I'll just continue this entry, rather than pollute the blogsphere with more daily babble. On my lunch walk today I decided to give myself a timetable. Be able to move out of California, without any idea where I will end up or what I will do by next Xmas. Roughly 1.5 years to get my shit together. Of course if I found a job elsewhere, then I would be glad to leave earlier. However since I'm not actively looking this probably wont happen. Kindof like winning the lottery without buying a ticket.

If stuff goes insanely well this year, with regard to work, then I may consider staying for 4 years. Regardless. Maximum 4 years from now I will no longer live in this state.

There's alot I have left to do here. Alot of things I havn't seen, places I havnt been. Things I just havn't done enough of. No time like now to start. I will be kidnapping people to accompany me.

*** *** ***

On another note, I was reminded of a conversation I had earlier this weekend while I was walking. A miniature doberman came barreling out of the bushes, yapping itself into what I hoped would be an apoplectic fit. But fortune did not smile upon me. Instead the dog stopped just shy of my ankle, growled a bit, and kept yapping. I stopped and stared at it.

"I already don't like you. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't punt you into the Bay."
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